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Can I gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Victor Abeledo
December 24th, 2020 · 1 min read

Building muscle and losing weight are not mutually exclusive. But after wasting years failing to achieve a decent physique, I came up with a conclusion: It’s better to pick one of the two and commit to it.

Gaining muscle vs. losing fat

We are all in this to get a better and healthier body.

All in all, we all want to be thin and to be muscular at the same time!

So, if you want to achieve a fit body, I think it’s a better approach to divide your main goal of having a healthier body into two different steps:

  1. First, get slim
  2. Build some mass & gain more muscle and less fat


In order to build muscle, you need to bulk up. If you are slim already, you’ll be able to appreciate your muscle-building progress more, and, your body will respond better to the training because your metabolism is higher.

How lean should you get to raise your metabolism

I think the best is to reach between 10 and 12 percent (%) of bodyfat before jumping to step No.2 ( building muscle )

What to eat on each step?

You should always prefer natural food over processed meals. Think of jacket potato and olive oil on top versus a bag of potato chips.

If you want to know how often should you eat and what macronutrients to eat you should read How much to eat

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